Flying Reports

Here's where we'll provide updates on the progress of Diamondo Earthrounding.

The DA50 Robin and Matt will fly around the world is owned by Fritz and was delivered in September 2021. As a generous way of saying thank you for supporting him during the purchase and delivery process, Robin and Matt are allowed to rent Fritz's aircraft for the upcoming flight around the world.

Fry and Fly

Arriving in California, the Crew were able to uplift physical SAF into the DA50. Running our Continental Aerospace Technologies CD300 on blends of fossil jet fuel and physical SAF produced by Neste from waste materials and distributed by Avfuel Corporation to multiple FBOs along our route across the Western US, is definitely a milestone of our undertaking.

Crossing the Pacific

After crossing through Southeast Asia, Robin and Matt faced the challenge of crossing the Pacific Ocean from Malaysia to the US West Coast in February 2022. And while the DA50 RG is without doubt a very capable aircraft, crossing large bodies of water in a small propeller driven aircraft always takes some extra considerations.

Inaugurating Noida International Airport's ARP

It‘s not every day you get to inaugurate an Aerodrome Reference Point (ARP). Our flight crew Robin and Matt had the honor to do so at Noida International Airport, sustainable initiative #3 of our Diamondo Earthrounding flight around the world in a Diamond Aircraft DA50 RG.

Solar Power-to-Liquid SAF

The Flight Crew were able to both visit (on the ground) and overfly the 2nd sustainable initiative on the route around the world: the Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum Solar Park and DEWA Solar Innovation Centre in Dubai.

The Mission Starts

In our first episode covering our trip, Robin and Matt are departing Zurich (LSZH), Switzerland to pick up supplemental oxygen in Linz (LOWL), Austria and proceed onwards to Wiener Neustadt (LOAN) to visit the first sustainable initiative on their route, the Diamond Aircraft factory.

Emergency Training & CO2 Emission Calculator

To prepare for the trip, the team performed an emergency descent simulation for the unlikely case of an oxygen system failure.

The crew also illustrates how the CO2 emission calculator is used to calculate emissions produced when flying piston-powered aircraft and explains how the money generated is then invested by myclimate.

DA50 RG -

Diamondo Earthrounding was able to support Fritz in the delivery of his DA50 RG from Diamond Aircraft Industries in Wiener Neustadt (LOAN), Austria.

As the planned departure for Diamondo Earthrounding's flight around the world approaches, preparations are in full swing.

DA50 RG -
The Black Knight

Launching in North America at Oshkosh 2021, the Diamond DA50 RG takes modern general aviation to another level with the twin turbo charged Jet-fueled 300HP Continental CD-300 engine and modern avionics of the Garmin G1000 NXi.


We are very greatful to be featured in this video and are looking forward to see the longer version!

DA50 RG -
Factory Training

Diamondo Earthrounding has completed a week-long training session on the DA50 RG at Diamond Aircraft Industry in Wiener Neustadt, Austria. Apart from ground school on the aircraft's systems, we underwent intense flight training. We gathered a lot of insights and flying the DA50 RG is a ton of fun! We are looking forward to the aircraft's delivery this summer!

Compensate or reduce emissions when flying?

Why choose if you can both compensate and invest into CO2 reduction technologies. By using online platforms, such as, General Aviation (GA) pilots can compensate their emissions as well as fuel aircraft with Sustainable Aviation Fuels (SAF), which instantly reduces CO2 emissions.

Keeping our Flight Chops sharpened 

Flying in mountainous terrain holds its unique challenges: From anticipating wind drafts to navigating in-between mountains and landing in valleys. We feel privileged to experience such conditions on our flight sorties in the Swiss Alps.