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Welcome Aboard!

By circling the globe, we link initiatives accelerating sustainable aviation

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Our flight around the world

  • Aircraft: Diamond Aircraft DA50 RG

  • Direction of travel: Eastbound

  • Distance: 58,000 kilometers

Our next flight:

  • Departure Date: January 2nd, 2022

  • Flight Time: 217 hours

  • Duration: 111 days

  • Airports: 73

  • Countries: 35

  • Crew: 2

Fly the Diamondo way

Diamondo Earthrounding visits numerous sustainable initiatives and technologies along our route around the world. Everyone can contribute in making flying more sustainable and with our trip we highlight the tools and tricks to do so on voluntary basis.


Airline passengers

As an airline passenger, you can use the Compensaid platform where it is not only possible to offset your emissions, but also reduce your flight's carbon footprint by investing into Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF).


Business aviation customers

Jet Aviation's 'Book & Claim' enables business aviation owners and operators for whom SAF is not physically available for uplift to access SAF at will and thereby reduce their carbon footprint.

Through 'Book & Claim', unnecessary transportation costs of SAF can be avoided.


Private pilots

We pilots can directly influence our carbon emissions through power settings in flight or fueling alternative fuels in compliance with POH/AFM.

For remaining emissions, we provide pilots an easy way to calculate and offset their emissions when flying piston-powered aircraft.


Our Mission 

As our planet offers a variety of climate conditions, Diamondo Earthrounding illustrates that disparate locations favour different solutions to make aviation greener. With visits and reports from local initiatives, Diamondo Earthrounding aims to create further awareness for sustainable technologies and promote ways for investing into them voluntarily to accelerate aviation’s path to net-zero carbon emissions.

Diamondo Earthrounding operates on a non-profit basis and is made up of a team of 9 young aviation enthusiasts.

By supporting Diamondo Earthrounding, you help us in making sustainable air travel more affordable for you.


Air force pilot sharing a passion for recreational flying


BSc Aviation

  • LinkedIn
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Aviation consultant and ambitious private pilot

MSc Air Transport Management
BSc Aviation

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You can support us by becoming our Patron


Tree Planter

  • Your name listed as "Tree Planter" Patron on our website*

  • CHF 2.- towards Afforestation

  • Donation receipt

CHF 20.-


Carbon Capturer

  • Your name listed as "Carbon Capturer" Patron on our website*

  • CHF 10.- towards Carbon Capture

  • Donation receipt

  • Your name flying around the world on the DA50*

CHF 100.-


Sustainable Aviation Fueler

  • Your name listed as "Sustainable Aviation Fueler" Patron on our website*

  • CHF 50.- towards SAF

  • Donation receipt

  • Your name flying around the world on the DA50 in large font*

  • Enter raffle for DA50 flight over the Swiss Alps

CHF 500.-

*​If you wish to stay anonymus to others, you can leave the field "Enter your name for website & DA50 here" empty during the checkout process.


Patron Donations are processed via our project partner Live Your Dream Foundation. All data will only be used for the processing of Patron Donations and will not be passed on to third parties.



Thomas Hurter


Diamondo Earthrounding is in-line with the Carbon Offsetting and Reduction Scheme for International Aviation: CORSIA. Aviation's impact on climate change needs to be adressed globally – Diamondo Earthrounding demonstrates this.

team-portrait-mb-airborn-fuels-switzerland_Martin Bäumle_edited.png

Martin Bäumle

Swiss National Council

The ecological turnaround is possible - also within aviation - the technologies for it are available. It will not be a walk in the park, but if we implement it correctly, it offers a great opportunity for our economy and society. To do this, we have to implement the energy transition not only in Switzerland, but also on the basis of international cooperation.


Christoph Regli

ZHAW Programme Director, Aviation

Diamondo Earthrounding builds on initiatives essential for decarbonizing aviation. However, further investment into these technologies is required to achieve commercial viability. With their trip around the world, Diamondo Earthrounding shines the spotlight on sustainable projects.

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